Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mini-Haul :)

I know I said that I was going to try to wait until Monday to buy anymore nail polish.

Obviously, I lied.  After a trip to the local walgreens with my mom (who completely feeds in to my polish addiction) and my brother (who thinks I have a ridiculous amount of polish as it is), I came home $12 lighter and with six new bottles of polish.

This Rimmel Base Coat/Top Coat combo was on sale for $2.50.   I figured I needed a new bottle of each, and this was one of the cheaper options.  I bought two bottles - one to be used specifically for base, and the other for top.

Sinful Colors "Happy Ending" - $1.99
It's a really great shade of green that a small bit of sparkle in it, enough that it could be worn by itself.

Sinful Colors "See You Later" - $1.99
This has a combination of different sized glitter and different shades of green and silver. 

Wet n Wild "Everybody Loves Redmond" - $1.99
Originally, I bought these for its orange color.  When I swatched it onto my nail wheel, I discovered that it could be either an orange, a red, or even a redish-pink. 

Wet n Wild "9-0-2-1-Orange" - $1.99
It's a lighter glitter, so if you want a lot of sparkle, you'd need to do more than one coat.  For whatever reason, this swatched made me think of the Hunger Games.  Perhaps because all of the movie posters feature the red/orange flames.....


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