Thursday, March 29, 2012

Girly Girl Nail Art Challenge - Day 3

Day 3: Delicate and Elegant

Dotting tools: God's gift for people like me, who have 'the shakes' like a meth addict itching for their next fix. 

A few weeks ago, I entered the Toms "One for One" Giveaway.  In celebration of One Day Without Shoes, Essie teamed up with TOMS to create a polish for the occasion.  15,000 lucky winners received a bottle of Essie's "Barefoot in Blue" nail polish.  Now, I've heard conflicting stories - It'll be sold in stores, it won't be sold in stores.  I don't think Essie has released an official statement yet, but I'll keep an eye out. 

Anyway, today is day 3 of the Girly Girl Nail Art Challenge.  It was only natural that I'd want to do something with my new polish.  The dots themselves aren't so elegant, but the color adds a touch of sophistication.  I realize that the dots aren't even, even with the use of dotting tools (for real, if you're in the market for a set, I got these M.A.S.H. ones for like $5 on amazon) - but that's half the fun.  In creating an uneven design, you ensure that no one else will ever have nails exactly like yours. 

Tomorrow is Day 4....

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