Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Girly Girl Nail Art Challenge - Day 2

Day 2: Gimme That Bling

As always, We'll do pictures first and I'll tell you about it afterwards.

The OPI Natural Nails base coat worked okay for me yesterday, and as it is my only option until at least Monday, I used it for the base today.  The black polish is Finger Nails "Black Expressionalism", white is NYC Long Wearing Enamel "French White Tip", and the glitter is Sinful Colors "Queen of Beauty".   The black was 'thick' enough that I only needed to do one coat to get the bottle color.  I normally do two coats to be on the safe side, but this polish frustrated me today.  No matter what brand I use, black polish always makes it seem like my four year old niece (who has yet to learn to color inside the lines) did my nails. 

I tried to pre-draw the white tips using a Sally Hansen nail art pen and then doing the white polish.

Step 1: Draw line where the 'white' party of my nail typically is, using nail art pen
Step 2: Paint over this using white nail polish
Step 3: Decide it looks awful and begin to rage a bit
Step 4: Give up on doing it freehand and use the scotch tape method instead

After I was certain the white polish had finally dried, I applied two coats of the Sinful Colors glitter.  I've had this bottle for quite some time and am sad that it's rapidly approaching its last use.  I'll have to swing by Walgreen's sometime to pick up another - for $1.99, it's not a big deal.  Top it all off with Seche Vite, and you end up with the final product shown above. 

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