Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Finger Paints - Avante Garde Green and Art You Wondering?

Finger Paints - Avante Garde Green and Art You Wondering?

*Although not shown, I start every manicure with my Sinful Colors base coat.  It works really well for me, and protects my nails from staining.  This can be found at your local Walgreens for $2.50.  For the top coat, I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails.

I made my first trip to Sally Beauty Supply today.  Y'all, I've decided that I should just be poor forever.  I must've spent a good 30-45 minutes mulling over the different color choices.  With some prodding from my mom, I picked two of the polishes I'll be using for today's manicure.  The Finger Paints brand is not one I had heard of prior to this store visit.  For $5 a bottle, I was hoping it would be worth it's price.

Avante Garde Green

Pros: With the right amount, the color is a rich emerald color - one that is hard to come by in the stores. 
Cons: The color didn't distribute evenly at all, and left my nails with different streaks. 

Art You Wondering?

Pros: The glitter distributes evenly over the nail, unlike other glitters.  After a few coats, the glitter could probably be used as a color, by itself.
Cons: None - this is a great polish.

After three coats of 'Avante Garde Green'

Three coats of 'Avante Garde Green' and one coat of 'Art You Wondering?'

Final Verdict: The final product can come out looking nice and bright.  However, many people don't have the time to apply a base coat, then 3-4 layers of the actual color, then 1 layer of sparkles and finally, a layer of top coat.  I would probably purchase this product again if it was on sale, but I doubt I would pay the full $5.

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